Wednesday, 20 October 2010

In from the cold

The seasons are changing and I've noticed how much colder it is getting in my workshop. I don't have any heating there so I have decided to take my wood carving operations back to my bedroom and leave the bigger tasks for my workshop space. 

Speaking of which, I received my lime wood and have started trying to carve for the Crankahead  competition. It feels strange after spending so long carving pine and it's taking me a while to get into the swing of things. My carving skills were never that great, so hopefully having this wood will help. I'm not allowed to upload any pictures of my efforts so far but suffice to say, they look pretty crap. I will keep trying. 

I've been continuing to work on the T & the H and have moved the lever for the turtle's limbs above the snail cam so it is lifted rather than pushed down. A spring is in place to snap it back down. 

I've had to string together a few springs as I don't have any of the correct length. I need to do some research into where I can find some springs. And people ask me why I don't have a girlfriend. 

Anyway, here's a quick video of the mechanism working. I had to move the left cam down but luckily the gears still meshed even though they were a little far away. Things are coming loose on the frame so I'll spend some time on that strengthening things.


I also wanted to add a link to a youtube video of one of Paul Spooner's models which I had forgotten about. It's clear to me why he is one of the best, with imagination like this. If I had a tenth of his skill I'd be happy.

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