Sunday, 5 January 2014

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

Yes, I've been away for a while but you know what? I've been feeling lazy recently and I felt some pressure to finish the Christmas model in time. So much so that I avoided doing it and ultimately did not complete it in time for Christmas. That probably says something about myself and highlights a personality defect but I wasn't enjoying it. 

Whilst making the model I had ideas for 3 other models which seemed more interesting and I wanted to work on those instead! The Christmas model seems to me as if I'm rehashing an old idea (even if it is slightly different this time). I'm interested in doing things I want to do, rather than putting pressure on myself to finish something which is not interesting me. 

I am finishing off the Christmas model and will probably get it done in February. What I'll probably do is create one large blog post with all the photos and videos and also a postmortem on what went well and what didn't. 

You shall all see it soon. Hopefully I'll be a little quicker with posts this year,