Sunday, 5 May 2013

Cube update 1

I just found out that the charity event for the cube arts centre ends in December, so I figured I'd better get a move on and finish the model. Here's what I have done recently. 

This was a test to check the size of the wheel to lift the rod for the cube and how far the rod raised. I could do with trimming the circumference a little. This is only a rough circle for testing purposes. 

This was a little jig I made to make sure that all of the pins were the same length. I did it by eye and gently hammered in each pin until I could see it was at the same circumference as the larger paper circle. 

Here is the Cube with the pin wheels attached.  I now needed to make a small pulley to attach to the smaller pin wheel. 

Here is the video of the cube in action, raising and spinning. I now need to find a way to lock it in place when it reaches the top, and then have something lower it down again. 

This is the car windscreen wiper motor I bought. I need to test it to see if it has enough torque to turn the entire mechanism. I have mounted it here and will probably need to add a belt drive to slow the movement down a little. I need to have a belt drive to allow it to reach the other side of the frame where the main rotation will take place.

Back view of the motor

So it's coming together, just a little slower than I like, so I need to move it up a gear. More pics to follow soon (hopefully).

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