Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Christmas model 2012 update

Below are some pictures of the Christmas model I am making this year. 

I have been experimenting with gear trains but the movement seemed a little too fast. I thought about using another worm gear but remembered how long it took last time and thought I'd experiment with a coiled worm gear (if that's the correct phrase). I got the idea from this website:

Specifically this model:

It seemed so much simpler than carving a gear. Check out the entire gallery, there are some great pieces!

I gave it a go but it still didn't work as planned (actually became a bit too slow!). I removed a gear from the train but it still didn't seem right. I then remembered I had an old wooden worm gear I had carved but this has been too fast for my previous model. I have attached it and hopefully it will be the right speed. 

I have also started carving the figure. I'm really not sure what style to go for. I think I'm still trying to develop my own but am struggling to find something I am happy with. 

Anyway, here are the pics

 The Frame

 A practice set-up I made by attaching it to my desk

 A rough version with the gear train

 A close up with the pin wheel

 The pin wheel and worm before installing

A close up of the work in the frame. I had to carve out a channel in the wood to allow the pins to rotate freely.The problem I found with this gear is that during the rotation, there would be a slight pause where the worm wasn't making contact with the pin wheel which meant there was a pause in the movement, almost like with a ratchet set-up. I didn't want this effect as I wanted smooth continuous movement. it might have been that I hadn't made the gear or the worm as well as I'd hoped, which might have caused the problem.

With the wooden worm I had previously made. I had to made the channel even larger to accommodate the spur gear.I also removed the last gear on the train as it was too slow. I have saved them for another time. This gear allows for continuous movement.

Here are some vids for info:

I also managed to sell my Turtle and Hand Automaton on EBay. I didn't get as much as I had hoped which is the problem with EBay. I think I need to analyse how much my models might actually be worth. I know I haven't made a name for myself yet so in terms of the value of these it might be different for different people. Maybe I shouldn't keep labelling myself as an amateur (even though I have much to learn).

Anyway, I hope the model has gone to a good home (and arrived there safely! I always worry when sending models by post in case they break!)

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