Friday, 12 November 2010

Things on hold

Once again my habit if getting bored easily has risen so I have decided to put the Turtle and the Hand on hold for a while and concentrate on other things. 

The thing which really did it for me this time was trying to strengthen the whole frame. Screws didn't really work as I couldn't get them tight enough to securely hold the individual pieces in place. I then tried using dowel rod as pins (which meant I could easily take it apart whilst designing) but my measurements were off slightly which meant other parts didn't fit. 

I'm gonna put in on the back-burner for a while and probably come back to it in the new year. My colleagues at work have suggested I try and make something for Christmas so I think I'll concentrate on that. 

There's also that tin can model to work on but that can wait...

Hopefully I'll have a more productive blog post in the future.

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