Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas model

Ello ello!

I have been keeping a low profile recently as I haven't been getting to my workshop as often as I would like (Mainly because it's so cold!). But, I am on annual leave this week and have therefore been pressing ahead with my model for Christmas. Check out the pics:

I started using tracing paper to work out the dimensions of the models ( I saw from his blog that Keith Newstead does this on his models). It worked out well and I was able to keep the design symmetrical. It didn't turn out symmetrical after carving but it's pretty close. Now all I have to do is make the frame (nearly done) and work out the design of the cam to make the movement. I also have to paint the chimney.

After struggling to use my green belting for pulleys, I put out a message on the Mechanical Adventures Facebook Group. I had a reply from a chap called Tony Compton (I think he's from Australia) and he informed me of the correct method. After doing this I managed to get the ends connected. Here is a model that Tony made. I personally think it's excellent.

Having the green belt will allow me to work on the pulleys for the Turtle and the Hand and also my Christmas model. I want a pulley system to slow things down. 

I haven't finished the design for my friend Zuleika yet and her commission. I'll get right on it after I finish the Christmas model.

My Crankaheads model is also coming along. The guy who is running the competition (Sergio Pinese) is asking for updates from people taking part. I'm not sure how much to tell him or not to tell him. I'll send him a picture of the prototype and give a little detail. I kind of want to make it a surprise though.

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