Sunday, 9 September 2012

Slower than the turle itself

So this is just a general update with a few pics. 

                                             My second attempt at a worm gear. 

Here is my attempt to make a drum sander thing. The elastic bands were holding the sandpaper in place. It didn't last long.

Here I have started to lay out the spacing for some of the parts and where to attach the main support for the gear wheel and the snail cam

An interior of the mechanics for the turtle. I have no idea how I'm going to link in the hand mechanism. I'll cross that bridge later. 

My second attempt at a worm gear. It's definitely better than the last one. The problem I had was how to attach the drive shafts to either end of it. The wood was quite soft and I could never drill dead centre on either end of the gear in which to insert the drive shafts. This left it with a wobbly rotation. I thought that I could all the 2 discs on either end which already had pre-drilled holes but it didn't really work.

Just some more supplies I bought from a design & technology company in bulk. Go to for more information

I made some weights as I couldn't find any that seemed heavy/light enough. I used 2 pence pieces wrapped in cloth. I wasn't sure if I needed 6 but I made them all the same. 

Close up!

My latest worm gear! I used slow setting epoxy for the drive shafts and basically kept rotating along a straight edge to make sure that it stayed in place. This is probably the best one I have done so far. I think I'll be making another gear though as it doesn't mesh quite right with the worm (plus it looks a bit messy).

To do list:

- Make a new gear
- Make a  temporary handle
- Attach the weights (makes some pulley wheels)
- Attach the guitar strings to the levers
- Test
- Work on the hand mechanism
- Time everything correctly
- Paint/varnish
- Job done

I've also started thinking about another model for Christmas. Lots to do.

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